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The (thanks, D).

Funny tweets (thanks, T).

Police motorbike chase in Brazil:

Bizarre vintage album covers.

Bodybuilders argue about how many days there are in a week.

Am I pregnant? (Thanks, G.):

Eerie portraits of cars in 1970s NY (thanks, T).

Walmart rockstars (thanks, G):

Black and white shots of soldiers with colour restored.

Map of all the rude place names in the world (thanks, M).

Science experiment gifs (thanks, G).

ITIAPTWC Episode 10 – Vinny Warren

I only really need one word to introduce Mr. Warren:

Of course he’s done many other things (see below), but Wasssuuuppp could credibly claim to be the most famous ad of the last thirty years. Through the relatively new medium of ’email’ it spread around the world like wildfire, leading to the cool and the sad alike to say Wasssuuuppp several times a day. And they still do it now: I was watching the most recent series of American Dad last week and sure enough, one of the characters gave a fine ‘Waaasssuuuppp’.

Anyway, we talk about that a fair bit, but we also chat about his agency and…

How his mother’s death was like a starting gun to his career.

How a search for the American Dave Trott led him to Ed McCabe.

Why working for Ed was like being in The Devil Wears Prada.

Why driving a horse and carriage around Central Park can be a good ‘resume burner’ and a great way to see pimps, assassins and a guy with a crossbow.

How to be a non-immigrant immigrant.

How Vinny knew Wasssuuppp was going to be amazing from the very beginning.

What he had to say to convince the director to take it on.

Why the cultural appropriation of it was like having too much cake.

Why Vinny’s attempts to kill it made it more popular.

What it was like winning the Cannes Grand Prix.

How the enormous amount of cake and a ticking clock made him bored enough to start his own agency.

Why it helps to never be satisfied.

Why a new agency’s success depends entirely on how the partners work together.

How DDB Chicago’s PR dept can get you an interview on Irish radio.

Why advertising is communication, not technology.

So here’s the iTunes link, the Soundcloud link and the chat….

ITIAPTWC Episode 10 – Vinny Warren

And the work:


It’s the people’s rapper, I ain’t no rapper I’m the rapture on the mornin’ after. You lackin’ passion, you ain’t bad, you just a wack distraction. I can’t relax cause I feel the weekend.

Human population through time:

A couple of creative have made a short film. Give it a watch (thanks, C&C):

Funny wrong captions (thanks, G).

One Tumblr user sent her toe to another. Surprising positivity here.

Eleanor Rigby rhyming tweets (thanks, L).

Visual puns to guess (thanks, L).

Amusing Trump photoshoppery (thanks, P).

Some paperbacks that might not be 100% real:tumblr_oeh822onh01vnd7blo3_250

Bad lip reading: Empire Strikes Back:

Doctor Strangelove documentary:

ITIAPTWC Episode 9 – Mary Wear

Has Nelson Mandela ever said one of your lines in Trafalgar Square?

Nelson Mandela addresses over 22,000 people in Trafalgar Square on behalf of the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY coalition. He hands a group of school children his white band to be delivered with thousands of others to the leaders of the G8.

If not, that might be because you’re not Mary Wear.


She wrote the line ‘Make Poverty History’.

And loads of great ads (see below).

As far as D&AD goes, she’s one of the best writers of her generation, rising to that position despite the colossal sexism of 1980s advertising.

So we talk about that kind of stuff, but also…

How Mary started as a ‘really bad’ secretary.

Then an ‘appalling’ account handler.

How she found the son of her favourite creative and persuaded him to be her art director.

What it was like to work for Dave Trott in the heyday of GGT.

And why Paul Arden made Dave Trott ‘look like a pussycat’.

Why getting married and having children can be the key to being a great copywriter.

How adding humour can improve copy immensely.

What it was like to work at AMV at its 90s peak.

The difference between working for Dave Trott and David Abbott.

Why it’s lovely to be better.

Why pregnant women disappeared at Saatchi and Saatchi but not at AMV.

The extent to which AMV was a ‘writerly’ agency.

How Make Poverty History came about.

How the final song of Live 8 was chosen.

Why advertising could do with more diversity.

What’s great about working in advertising today.

Why women with children shouldn’t be put off by working in advertising.

Here’s the chat, the iTunes link and the Soundcloud link.

ITIAPTWC Episode 9 – Mary Wear

And the work:









Because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping. And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the weekend.

Geometric sandcastles.

Good guide to stoicism.

Merry Critmas: save a turkey, roast a creative (thanks, D).

Excellent FML stories (thanks, T).

10 great MacGuffins.

Underwater fart in 120fps (thanks, D):

Excellent map of musical influences (thanks, B).

Bad estate agent photos.

Cut a bowling ball in half with water:

A world map of countries’ tourism endlines (thanks, D).

Drunk football (thanks, J):



(Thanks, D.)

ITIAPTWC Episode 8 – Emer Stamp


Emer Stamp…


She invented (alongside Ben Tollett) the minute-long-tear-jerker-Christmas-retail-ad genre that has spawned so many substandard pretenders.

But before that she did unspeakable things to Alan Whicker, made Millets cool and left a fine chapter in the great tome of ridiculously good Harvey Nichols advertising.

And after that she wrote a much-read and much loved series of kids books that involved a lot of farting.


She’s also a very nice person.

If you’d like to join our little chat you’ll learn all about the above, along with…

How and why Emer got into advertising in the first place.

Which Guinness ad (not Surfer) was responsible for getting her into the industry.

What it’s like waiting for a Tim Delaney review at 4am.

Why you should move when you feel like you’ve stopped learning.

The part Liz Harold (headhunter) played in her job moves.

Why she had to unpick some of the Leagas Delaney lessons.

Why the best bit of winning an award is waiting for your name to be called.

Why you should sometimes put off a great job for a year.

What to do when your star doesn’t want to appear out of a cow’s arse.

Why it’s hard to know if you’ve done an award winner.

Why getting out of your comfort zone can be the best thing for your career.

How that stupid 2008 fashion for spotting ads that were a bit like other ads made some people quite annoyed.

How John Lewis became ‘John Lewis’.

What it was like when Adam and Eve merged with DDB.

And how Emer managed the transition from CD to author.

Here’s the chat, the iTunes link and the Soundcloud link.

And here’s the work…





We’ve had no rain in several days. (Hasa Diga Eebowai) And eighty percent of us have AIDS (Hasa Diga Eebowai). Many young girls here get the weekend.

Seven hidden meanings in works of art.

The world’s combines wealth is $241tn. What could you buy with that? (Thanks, G.)

Cool shadow artist (thanks, T):

I whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said ‘Fresh’ and it had dice in the mirror… (thanks, K).

Excellent high school text book doodles (thanks, G).

The best Joe Biden memes (thanks, G).

Funniest signs at Trump rallies (thanks, D).

Extreme Lego building dude:

Interview with Taxi Driver writer, Paul Schrader (thanks, T).

Some cool inventions.

Best of luck with the wall, Donald (thanks, C):

Tortoise Owen Wilson (thanks, R):

ITIAPTWC Episode 7 – Dave Dye Part Deux

Those of you who have listened to the Dave Dye Podcast (Episode 1) will be fully aware that we didn’t get that far into Dave’s career.

So I set up another call, fully intending to at least make it into this century.

Reader, I failed.

This podcast only covers Dave’s time at Leagas Delaney.

Fortunately that means we were able to go into detail on some of his best work, hear some fascinating stories and even analyse the merits of TV vs print, along with the following…

A very interesting first week.

The virtues of well-used stock shots.

How many briefs and minimum resources can lead to great art direction.

How to make great use of your rejected ads.

How a personal observation can lead to one of the most awarded print ads of all time.

A really interesting approach to getting an agency full of excellent original photography.

How doing lots and lots of art direction makes you better at art direction.

Why you should absorb as much as you can.

What to do when your boss is away and you’re approving your own work.

Then what to do when he comes back and isn’t 100% into the work you approved while he was away.

The vagaries of typography and the idea behind the art direction.

How referring to the Queen in the wrong way can get your agency fired from an account.

How you can write a TV ad, forget about it and have someone go away and make it, then come back and show you the finished article (that’s entirely wrong).

Why cracking the poster can be the key to a big campaign.

The differences between working on TV and working on print.

And how to track down an advertising legend for a podcast.

So here is the Soundcloud link to our chat, the iTunes link, and Dave’s most iconic Leagas ads, many of which we discuss (more info on Dave’s blog).

ITIAPTWC Episode 7 – Dave Dye Part Deux













It ain’t hard to tell, I excel, then prevail, the mic is contacted, I attract clientele. My mic check is life or death, breathing a sniper’s death. I exhale the yellow smoke of buddha through the weekend.

The day hip-hop died.

250 introductions:

Guy photoshops himself into Kendall Jenner’s Instagram (thanks, A).

Amazing headstones.

Goths with chickens (thanks, T).

There are two kinds of people in this world: