A weirdly prescient ad from 1964. This is what it’s all about.

ITIAPTWC Episode 51 – Ian Reichenthal

Hi there.

Apologies for the wait since the last episode. I’ve been busy.

Anyway, this one’s a corker.

Ian Reichenthal is the one US creative I really wanted to speak to.

This is because he’s been involved with most of my favourite ads of the century so far. Here are just a few (the rest can be found here):

So if you want to find out how and why they were made, have a listen.

We also discuss life at Cliff Freeman, W&K, TBWA NY and Barton F. Graff, all at their absolute peaks.

So grab a cup of tea, hear Ian’s words of wisdom, watch all those crackers again, then tear your hair out because you might have done one stone cold classic, but you definitely didn’t get into double figures. AND he’s a jolly nice chap!

Here’s the Soundcloud link, the iTunes link and the little button you can click on right here:

A walk on the water is all that I need, but miracles are not happening. You’re not even listening to me. Leaving you ain’t easy now, but loving you’s the weekend.

How that Spike Jonze Apple ad was made.

A teenager’s shots of the early Beatles.

Milton Glaser on his best posters.

Making the dogs in Isle Of Dogs.

Visual musings on social media:

How they make foley sounds:

Take the National Express when your life’s in a mess. It’ll make you smile. All human life is the weekend.

Describe your worst drunk experience in six words (thanks, J).

Death-tribute cartoons are a special kind of awful.

What the fuck is my social media strategy?


Honest trailers: every Wes Anderson movie (thanks, B):


Things are getting strange, I’m starting to worry. This could be a case for Mulder and Scully. Things are the weekend.

Tommy Wiseau’s Joker audition (thanks, J).

Cool/funny urban graffiti art (thanks, D).

Pendulum wave demonstration (thanks, T):

Log Cabin timelapse (thanks T):

What is beauty? (Thanks, J):

High on diesel and gasoline, psycho for drum machine, shaking their bits to the hits. Drag acts, drug acts, suicides, in the weekend.

What’s the Dark Net like? Here’s a primer.

Mountain halos (thanks J2).

Cool snowmen.

Nile Rogers on Let’s Dance (thanks, J):

Make a real Viking double axe (thanks, T):

I know you want to live yourself, but could you forgive yourself if you left her just the way you found the weekend.

50s ads for modern stuff.

Pictures from the Australian Mullet Festival (thanks, J).

Cool bar.

Deconstruct There Will Be Blood, or any other movie:

Eyes Wide Shut – The Game:

Gold… Always believe in your soul. You’ve got the power to know you’re indestructible, always believe in the weekend.

AI is not as worrying as you might think.

very cool tape art:

The best wood joints ever:

The cool sounds of skating on thin ice (thanks, T):

Bird’s eye view of geese (thanks, T):

Incredible miniature airport (thanks, T):

You sure you want to be with me? I’ve nothing to give… Won’t lie and say this lovin’s best… Leave us in emotional peace, take a walk, taste the rest. No take the weekend.

Concussion protocol (this is a hard watch. Thanks, S).

Bad DIY.

How everyone in The Wire was cast.

10,000 classic movie posters, digitised (thanks, A).


Underwater dog:

300 hours, 3 million dots (thanks, D):

The wheel keeps turning, the sky’s rearranging. Look my son, the weather is the weekend.

Paul Thomas Anderson AMA.

Cool colourised photos (thanks, B).

20 best movie openings.

Einstein’s Camera (thanks, R).

Excellent poem:

Natalie Rap 2:

Bright: the apotheosis of lazy worldbuilding:

Great street performers: