ITIAPTWC Episode 57 – Rob McFaul of Purpose Disruptors

Rob McFaul is the founder of an organisation called Purpose Disruptors:

A network of advertising insiders whose goal is to create a visible, large scale, bottom up movement within the industry, that will act in solidarity to meaningfully tackle climate change.

I’m very, very interested in this subject. It’s both immensely interesting and immensely intractable. In some ways it’s the ultimate brief.

Have a listen and dip your toe in the waters of capitalist hypocrisy, corporate morality, regenerative leadership, universal stardust, and much else. (Or maybe your toes are already in. Maybe you’re up to your eyeballs. Have a listen anyway.)

If you’re interested in getting further involved, email me at, or contact Rob via Purpose Disruptors.

Here’s the iTunes link, the Soundcloud link, and the direct player:

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ITIAPTWC Episode 57 – Rob McFaul of Purpose Disruptors