When Talent (And Lack Of It) Goes Bad:

Tony Kaye has shot a promo for The Hours using Damien Hirst as Art Director and Sienna Miller as whiney totty. (A word of warning: watching this will waste over 400 seconds of your life that you could spend more constructively.  How clean are your toenails? )

What’s wrong with it?

Well, for a start it is dreadfully boring. Think of all the great promos you’ve loved in the past and compare them to this dreary mess.  Fancy sitting through it again?

The dialogue is fingernails-on-the-blackboard bad: ‘Death feels like the safest place for me right now…I don’t know how I’ll ever be a normal person…Break open my head then fix it…It’s about time I faced the truth…Somewhere within all of the darkness there’s a light and I just need to find it.’

Sienna Miller is annoying at best.  She seems to have an awfully high opinion of her unimpressive acting abilities.  This comes across very badly in a part where we’re supposed to sympathise with her lying around the Prada store, walking in the street barefoot, smashing up a hospital room, wiping blood over a wall and whingeing about herself.
Tony Kaye’s mojo is definitely still missing presumed dead.
The song is shit on toast.
I don’t think Damien styled the Prada store, so it looks like he just lent them a few carcasses, which he stuck up on a wall.  And maybe did the medical stuff.  He likes medical stuff.  I’m surprised there aren’t a few paint-covered butterflies around, too.
But the main thing is point one: it’s dull, and none of the above would matter if it accumulated to create something engaging that you’d want to watch twice.