This delightful festive message was brought to you by (among others) Mark Denton of Coy! Communications.

Interesting place, Coy. Slightly different (in a good way) to your average production company.

For example, they have an in-house typographer, the great Andy Dymock, who works on Coy! and Mark Denton Design jobs, but is also available for commissions, should you require the skills of a highly awarded type guru.

They also have photographers, a photographic studio and a frankly rather lovely bunch of production peeps who make it all go by whilst literally singing Morning Has Broken, if the opportunity presents itself.

As a fine example of their output, they’ve spent the last few weeks producing the Creative Circle Plea For Entries. If you receive one you might like to take a second or two to appreciate that they are all hand-made and have required many hours use of a typographer, a scalpel, thousands of rolls of Sellotape and duct tape, millions of paperclips and hundreds of miles of string. And that’s the kind of attention to detail you simply do not find these days (see yesterday’s post). Mark estimated the cost of each one at a frankly eye-watering number of pounds, but nothing’s too pricey as long as it’s right.

So here’s to you, one of the few bastions of extended creativity. In the interest of puns, I might suggest that you could also be mad about the Coy! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ahahahhahahahhahahh!!!11!111 Oh dear.

Merry Christmas.

By the way, what do you call a Welsh bloke with the runs?

Dai O’Rhea.