Excuses, Excuses.

This post is really just an excuse to tell my favourite story about famous people:

Back in the thirties Carole Lombard was going out with Clark Gable.

One day, Carole signed up to do a movie and went to go and meet the producer to discuss her schedule.

He told her that he expected her to shoot on various days of the week, all of which Carole agreed to.

Then he mentioned that she’d also have to work on Sunday morning.

“Oh no,” replied Carole. “I’m not working on Sunday mornings. That’s the only time Clark and I have to fuck.”

Isn’t that priceless? I thought sex was invented in the sixties. I certainly didn’t think Carole Lombard used the F-word. And Sunday morning? How, um…bohemian.

Anyway, in a spurious attempt to make this related to advertising, I thought it might be interesting to blather on about excuses.

In a process that involves so many people, its really easy to blame any part of that process for its failure: The account team didn’t sell it; the client didn’t buy it; we didn’t get the right editor; we couldn’t afford the right track; I was ill during the grade so they made it purple; the media guys bought a 20″ when they should have bought a 40″; we’d have won those awards if we’d been given that brief; we only got three days to work on it.

All may be true; all may be reasonable grounds for complaint.

Unfortunately, they don’t print those in D&AD annuals.

Excuses don’t count.

They won’t help you get to anywhere good.

Want proof? Carole died with no Oscars (but possibly an enormous grin on her face).