I Don’t Think Pablo The Drug Mule Dog Is Quite The Ticket

Well, here’s an odd little ad:

Will it make people think Mother are as wacky as they were around 2001/2?

Will it make people say, ‘Well at least it’s different. You’ve got to get under the radar with this target market. The usual ‘drugs are bad’ shit ain’t gonna play with Johnny Q. Crackhead’?

Will it make people talk about it?


Will it make anyone, and I mean one single person, take less/fewer drugs than they would have if this ad did not exist?

Absolutely not.

In fact, for all the good this ad is going to do, they might as well have spent the money on a giant daffodil in Shoeburyness that says ‘bananas climb fandango treehouse crimplene pacino’.

And if my tax dollars paid for it, I’d like them back.