Remakes And Revitalisations

I don’t know what I was doing a month ago, but I wasn’t reading Brand Republic.

That was when they broke the story of Lego re-running this ad:

It also featured in last week’s Campaign Private View.

The reason I’d have written about it, and the reason I’m writing about it now, is that I once suggested that companies should run their successful past ads if they are appropriate.  

Those who remember the ad will feel a lovely wash of nostalgia and those new to it will see something brilliant they would not otherwise have witnessed.  
The client doesn’t have to pay for anything except new rights and the agency knows they’re going to ake something really good (kind of).
Everyone’s a winner except those of us who prize complete freshness and the chance to exercise our creativity.
But come on.  Wouldn’t you like to see the Griff Rhys Jones Holsten Pils ads again?  Wrangler Crosstown Traffic?  Blackcurrant Tango? Guinness Surfer?
Of course you would.  Bring ’em all back.  If they look a bit old or the post isn’t quite right, remake them.  At least you (client) know you’re going to have a cracker when you’ve spent your money.  Or maybe you could treat them like cover versions and do a new spin on an old classic.  And it would make a nice change from remaking non-ads all the time.

Come on.  You have nothing to lose but the opportunity to bash your head against a brick wall trying to make something that turns out to be a big smelly turd that millions of people couldn’t care less about.