The Funniest Ads Of All Time…Except One.

Here’s the link.

I think it’s a fine, fine list. No arguments at all.


The Snoop Dogg Orange ad?

I’m sorry, but those ads stopped being funny a long time ago.

Here’s how to write one:

Find out who your semi-washed-up, cash-hungry star is.

Choose what you think is their best known film (in Angelica Huston’s case, reduce an amazing career down to The Addams Family).

Get Lenny Beige and the cut-price Kevin Spacey guy to reject their script and be rude to them with reference to this movie, then suggest script amendments that involves crass inclusion of Orange product.

Star takes umbrage and walks out.

Get cut-price Kevin to deliver a variation on the most famous line of the most famous movie over the end title.

Having said that, I did like the line in the new Dennis Hopper one where cut-price Kevin says that ‘America smells of bus’.

And also having said that, I thought the earlier ones (Vader, Swayze, Roy Schneider, Spike Lee, Carrie Fisher etc.) were genius. It just all started to go wrong with Steven Seagal:

Compare that to the superb writing and timing of this one:

I blame the defection of Yann and Luke (although I think they did Seagal).

And sorry, but I forgot to add just a couple examples that knock any Orange cinema ad into a cocked hat:

‘Shoulda been you, yo.”

“No doubt, boo, no doubt.”