There’s a Whole World Out There And Some Of Us Know Fuck-All About It.

I was reading the Guardian a few weeks ago when I came across this article.

It’s all about a phenomenon called Clubland, which tours the UK but rarely ventures south of Birmingham.

Here’s an example of its content that is interesting for two reasons:

First off, it’s so awful it makes me want to lean my face into a hedge trimmer.

Second, it’s had 3.3million YT hits, so we can probably double that in total.

I’m assuming you agree with my assessment, after all you probably like Bon Iver, Television on the Radio and MGMT. But 6-7 million people seem to think its great. Before I read the Guardian article, I hadn’t even heard of any of this shit, but it’s out there, making me feel like I’m swimming above the Mariana Trench while zillions of creatures go about their business unbeknownst to me, and I to them.

So how many of these huge, unknown movements are there? What else is of interest to a tenth of the population that we don’t know about? And how do we find out?

I guess it’s all down to visiting places you’ve never been before, and not just for the sole purpose of finding something to stick in your next ad. Because for every one of these, there’s one of these:
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