New Cadbury’s Eyebrow Ad

For what it’s worth (nothing, as usual) I will happily watch it again (and probably again. And maybe even again).

It’s definitely at the Gorilla end of the scale rather than the Trucks end.

Joe Q. Public will lap it up.

And talk about it. And pass it on. And the ‘kids’ will be eyebrowing up a storm in the playground.

It will win lots of awards.

The balloon is the best bit.

The track is great.

The casting is perfect.

Shall we get the Youtube argument out of the way now, so we can ignore it?

I think I’m going to watch it again.

Maybe after I’ve checked out the Agent Provocateur ad one more time.

Nice one, Chris and John.

Update: Chris and John were CDs. A guy called Nils-Petter Lovgren was the creative. He’s Swedish and he’s really good and he has a fantastic beard. Apparently.