Celebrity Endorsements

There’s an article in this week’s Sunday Times that discusses the pros and cons of appropriate celebrity endorsement. Apparently, brands are ‘much cleverer’ now, with their incredibly much cleverer choices of Duffy to hawk Diet Coke and the Ting Tings to flog Adidas.

Well done to them.

But then I saw this in my local betting shop (wonderfully, it’s called ‘Better Betting Shop’ and sits adjacent to the Odeon Camden Town).

For those not familiar with the man in the picture, that’s Paul Merson, the former Arsenal and England midlfielder who was addicted to gambling to such an extent that he effectively became homeless.

This seems so unbelievably arse-brained that I struggle to think of something comparable. Amy Winehouse flogging WKD? Mickey Mouse recommending Rentokil? Actually, no need to wait for something similarly ridiculous, because Joan Rivers thinks that she can be an authority on plastic surgery, despite having a face that looks like a Hallowe’en mask of Joan Rivers.

This is what celebs should really do with their time.