Halifax Have Done A Not-Shit Ad

Here it is.

After years of the most unmitigated dross, it’s as if they’ve suddenly joined planet earth, picked up a reel of Playstation Mountain and its many, many, many rip-offs and decided to do their own version.

I suppose the real question is why, or at least why now?

The obvious answer must be something to do with banking’s new place on the hate-chain. Now that Foxton’s couldn’t sell a house even if they filled it with tenners and advertising is having to make do with budgets in the region of 50p, it falls to the disgusting, greedy, fat-cat arseholes who shagged the country’s finances into oblivion then claimed they were owed bonuses for doing it to take their rightful place at number one.

Yes, Halifax: the entire country hates your industry (not least because of your advertising) and it’s nice of you to realise that and think that perhaps the high-budget wankathons you usually shoved down our throats were a little inappropriate for these more austere times, so full marks for effort.

And giving away cash. That’s nice, too.

But I’m bored of these bloody visual metaphors, especially the ones that show hundreds of people in the same place all rushing to do something.

A more honest one would have shown a murderer in the midst of stabbing someone to death realising he was doing the wrong thing, saying sorry then maybe driving the victim to hospital.

I shall give DLKW the benefit of the doubt and assume that was the original script but the BACC put the brakes on it because they were in a shitty mood.