I’m Not Sure What This Is, And The Creative Circle Shortlist.

I was recently sent an online pregnancy test.

Aside from the amusing diversion it provided, I have to say that it left me somewhat confused.

It doesn’t seem to be attached to a brand, or telling me something useful. Perhaps there’s something in all the real pregnancy test ads that surround it, but their affiliation to the jokey bit is unclear.

Either we’re looking at a good old fashioned unbranded joke that is so ‘funny’ that vaguely related companies are willing to advertise around it, or the pregnancy test people who advertise around it have made and funded the ‘joke’ without making the connection explicit – something that’s quite unusual.

If the latter, then the end of the ‘test’ could have said something like, ‘for a real pregnancy test, visit blah blah blah’, but it doesn’t.

Perhaps this is an early step towards online branded entertainment, where people create good versions of the crap you send round to your friends, and stick an ad next to it.

It certainly makes it more intriguing, at least until until everyone starts doing it.

By the way, the Creative Circle Shortlist is now available here.