Interesting Things About The Creative Circle In-Book List

You can check it out here, but to save you the giant, throbbing arse that is clicking on that link and cross-referencing through the results with the bronze-and-above short list, allow me:

Best idea in 30″: the double grand prix-winning VW Dog was only deemed good enough for In-Book here, which backs up my theory about different juries=different results.

Drench Brains didn’t make it to the shortlist for best commercial, having been bested by BBC ‘White’.

Dft ‘Awareness Test’ was worth the shortlist in Best Cinema Ad, but only the In-book list in Public Service.

AKQA’s Christmas card was apparently a better Viral than BBC Penguins.

We see several ads that have made the In-book list in craft, which suggests that they were surprisingly entered and declined in other categories. These include: Financial Times St Bernard, Barclaycard Waterslide, Levi’s Secrets and Lies, Nike Next Level, Financial Times Global Downturn and Toshiba Time Sculpture.

Well, there’s nowt so queer as folk.