Last Week’s Poll

So, most of you want to be a man trapped in a woman’s body.

I’d guess that’s because most of you are men and you thought you might go to a lesbian bar and imbibe from the furry cup, or go to the gym changing rooms and just…hang out.

That’s fine.

The headmash of what life would really be like as a human transformed into a chaffinch which is then trapped in an otter’s body appealed to some of you, and who can argue with that?

Then a few of you went for the option of ‘handbag trapped in lightbulb’s body’. I don’t think you were taking the poll seriously.

But the one thing I’ve learned from this is that more people participate in the poll if the question is not frivolous.

With that in mind, why not have a go at this week’s conundrum?