Last night was the Creative Circle awards.

It was a really good do, full of truly beautiful people and some quite excellent ads, especially when you consider that 2008 was supposed to have been a crap year for creativity.

The big winner on the night was the Wallace and Gromit Press/Poster campaign for Harvey Nichols (6 Golds and the Platinum award – when did that last go to a 2-D campaign?):

That should see it also succeed at D&AD…except, I’m a little concerned. When St Wayne failed to win at D&AD, I pointed out that we’d be unlikely to award a poster of Alex Hleb painted in the Belarussian flag, so why should we expect the foreign members of the D&AD jury to award the English equivalent? Will the same happen with W&G? One hopes not, but imagine an ad for the new Goan Branch of India’s best department store, featuring Suki…

…in Alexander McQueen. Worth a pencil? If it’s as well art-directed as Wallace and Gromit, why not? But I think we all know it wouldn’t stand a chance.

The other big winner was Dave Trott, who entered the Hall of Heroes. They played a selection of his and his agency’s greatest work and it all looked like it could run and win awards today, despite some of it being nearly 30 years old. Dave writes such a good blog that you sometimes forget what an amazing ad-man he is. This was a fine reminder:

There were also some brilliant ads that I hadn’t seen on the big screen before, most of them done for TV channels:

And this one (embedding disabled by request. Thanks, Channel 4).

A lovely bit of writing from Joe and Sam at Fallon:

But this one (Gold for special effects) was my favourite:

Overall, another excellent night overseen by Mr M. Denton Esq. and the brilliant team at Creative Circle. Mark won two Golds himself, by the way, and a greater testament to bribery and corruption you could not hope to witness (just kidding).

Thanks to all involved, now it’s over to Trevor Beattie for next year.

UPDATE: I can’t remember them all, but Hovis was best TV/Cinema, Barnados best Charity and Editing, Dothetest was best Viral, the Carlsberg announcement and Honda Live ad were best Ambient, Museum of Childhood got best illustration and art direction, Creative Circle Call for Entries also got best Art Direction and an illustration from the CC annual got best illustration, that Kubrick ad was best Production Design, HSBC Lumberjack was best Direction, VW everyday was best Sound Design. That’s all I can recall. If anyone remembers any others before they put the full list up, add them in the comments. x