More Overlord (Please Donate)

The Overlord List enters its final month today.

April is going to be one big push with all sorts of excellent events organised to get as much money as possible for the D-Day veterans.

The other day I asked Trevor Beattie what will happen if the £350-per-veteran total is reached.

He said that there’s no such thing as too much money. With more donations, those who can make the trip will be able to have their carers with them, and the ones who can’t make it will have live link-ups organised for them back home.

I think it’s safe to say that your money will go somewhere far better than 99.999% of the alternative destinations you might have in mind for it.

In order to spread the word further, we’ve created a print ad:

(Thanks to Andy, Trevor, Mark and Dave, whose advice was both valuable and free.)

If you have somewhere you can run it, please get in touch and we’ll supply it.

Thanks in advance.