Nice Bit Of Comcast

Here’s the new Comcast ad, directed by Smith and Foulkes:

There are others along the same lines, but seen one, pretty much seen them all. That’s not to say they’re crap; I actually rather like them. I think they’d stand out in ad breaks and temporal lobes and they’ve got some lovely little touches (although they remind me of the excellent Nationwide Ads that MIke Stephenson shot for Leagas Delaney about ten years ago. I can’t find them on YT, but they had little songs about customers set to live action stop-frame animation).

I guess they’ll appeal most to the kind of people who lapped up Juno last year. The music is all along its appealingly amateurish lines, epitomised by the lovely work of Kimya Dawson:

Also, it gives me an excuse to put up the other excellent recent Comcast ads (sorry about the shitty music and intro at the beginning).