Poll Of The Week: The Beatles

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week’s poll.

78% of you would rather be an unknown genius than a known not-quite-genius.

I think that’s about right. If I knew I’d written There Will Be Blood, I’d feel quite pleased with myself both for writing it and for nobly keeping it to myself.

This week’s question is not ostensibly related to advertising, but watch me give it a go…

When I was ten, I thought Roger Moore was the best James Bond, Octopussy was the best Bond film and Paul McCartney was the best Beatle.

I was young and foolish. How could I rate the weird figure-skating plot and wooden eyebrow-raising over the naked girl painted in gold and ‘The namesh Bond, Jamesh Bond’? Or the Frog Chorus guy over the bloke who wrote Imagine?

But as time passed, I saw the merits of Connery, Goldfinger and Lennon.

Then my tastes changed again, mainly because Sean thinks women deserve a schlap, Goldfinger’s a bit straight compared to Diamonds Are Forever and ‘Imagine No Possessions’ is a bit rich coming from a bloke with a Roller.

So I guess I’m trying to say that you never know which direction your likes and dislikes are going to go in, and you’ve no idea how embarrassing your current favourites may turn out to be.

That’s both an arse and bit of fun.

(Oops…forgot to make it anything to do with ads. Um…I used to prefer Creek to Drugstore, then I changed my mind. How about that?)