The Nice Ad I Forgot, And Some Frivolous Shite

I intended to put up the other ad from Monday night that really impressed me, but it seems to have been removed or ringfenced from all the usual interweb sources, such as this one. No idea why. Maybe it’s not supposed to be exposed yet, but then I found some people discussing it, so it can’t be that. Oh, hang on…it might have something to do with the prominent inclusion of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, who are a pair of naughty little boys.

Good luck finding it. It was one of several really good ads from RKCR/Y&R. These also won Gold:

(And while looking for the above, I found a great blog called twoifbysee. Coincidentally, it also had the Gold-winning Museum of Childhood ads.)

So, on with the frivolous shite:

Most of you (40%) got the right answer to last week’s poll/question. The ablative singular of puella is puella. The 60% of you who got it wrong have either too much confidence but too little ability in Latin, you haven’t heard of Google, or you simply didn’t give the matter the time and attention it deserved.

There’s now a new question that is just as inconsequential, and you can’t look it up on Google.

And if you’d like to waste a bit more time and irritate those who work near you, try this. (Thanks, D.)

Finally, I just saw this on TV:

It made me laugh hysterically. I am a very bad person.

But in my defence, it is very 1970’s and seems to go about its business in a pretty clodhopping fashion, failing to do a serious subject justice.