D&AD In-Book, T-Mobile Event And Ogilvy Tributes: Right And Wrong

Here’s the D&AD In-Book list.

You can pick the sweetcorn out of it, but the only thing that seemed odd to me was the entry of Cadbury’s Eyebrows in 41-60 seconds.

That’s it.

One entry for what most people would consider to be the event ad of the year.

Talking of event ads, here’s a shot from this evening’s T-Mobile extravaganza:

It was a massive karaoke event hosted by Vernon Kay (no relation, although I have met him a few times and he’s really nice). I walked around as the crowd seemed to have a lovely time singing Hey Jude and Is This The Way To Amarillo.

Then I had to leave.

It was a bit rammed and they kept filming me with the second unit.

Which brings us to David Ogilvy.

Odd, really…

You can get one person to write one article about a man that says everything that needs to be said, with just words and (electronic) paper.

Or (and I never tire of watching this) you can marshall 100 members of the current iteration of the greatest civilisation the world has ever known and produce the most dismal, pathetic, foetid puddle of monkey diarrhoea ever committed to YouTube.

Anyway, I hope the above ill-thought-out gubbins passes a bit of pre-bank holiday weekend for you.



Apparently I missed Pink singing in Trafalgar Square.

T-Mobile appears to possess a fuckload of money: