From The Grauniad To The FT In One Difficult Step.

In the early/mid part of this decade, every press ad award in the country seemed to go to DDB’s Guardian work. They had some very good teams: Justin and Adam, Grant and Patrick, Dylan and Feargal etc. who managed to produce consistently incisive advertising on a huge range of topical issues, and the crossword:

Then the Guardian left for W&K. Now, I’m a big fan of the new brand look they created:

It gives them a distinct visual identity that seems very much in keeping with the vibrancy and boldness of the paper itself.

But what they haven’t done (and this may be because it’s not part of the current remit) is continue the topical strand that DDB were so good at.

But no matter; DDB seamlessly moved their skill in that area to a new account: The Financial Times. The look is different to their Guardian work, but the witty commentary on current events has stayed the same:

I know Jeremy Craigen hates the idea of dumbing down advertising. I think we should all thank him for that.