Ironically, In An Absolut World Ads Like This Wouldn’t Exist

It’s one of those tedious diarrhoea puddles that demands the question, ‘What are these people up to?’ In this instance we are dying to know why some cookie-cutter pan-planet characters have replaced money with kindness.

‘Why? Why? WHY? Why have they done this?’ you scream as you stifle a yawn.

Well, it’s because they live in an Absolut world.

In an Absolut world, giant booze companies buck the credit crunch by spunking a million dollars business-classing an agency and crew all over the planet in the name of some kitten-weak excuse for an ‘idea’ that tries to connect vodka to something other than getting pissed.

It’s enough to send me running into the arms of something altogether more palatable: