A Couple Of Our Advertising Brethren Have Reached Into The Depths And Pulled Out A Corker

Today’s Sun contained an ad that might have been art directed by Arden in his prime, written by Bob Levenson when his muse was sitting upon his knee and conceptually created by, I dunno, Bob Barrie and Luke Sullivan? Neil Godfrey and Tony Brignull? Charles Saatchi and Jeremy Sinclair?


And don’t just feast your eyes on the avant-garde layout, drink of the glorious copy, too:

“Now, after months of wrangling over the strength of the scenes, Xcalibur is finally to be made available in the UK…Shot in Maxmacolour, both the filming and the post-production have been meticulous.”

And let’s not forget the sign-off: “But what mainstream movie will give you great acting, great sets and action PLUS lashings of explicit, unadulterated, Triple-X action.”

That sentence doesn’t even need a question mark because it’s such an obviously rhetorical question, Mr Sun Reader. For the answer is Xcalibur, The Lords of Sin.

Imagine if you were just twiddling your thumbs when in came the following brief:

Product: Xcalibur, The Lords of Sin on DVD.
Target market: Masturbatory Sun Readers.
Tone of voice: Epically erotic.
Mandatories: 35 calls to questionable action and a coupon for money off the product in a porn shop.
Media: full page national press.

It’s a very strange job but somebody has to do it.