There’s Something In The Water

On their own, four perfectly British institution-y ads for British institutions.

But why now?

I can understand Persil celebrating 100 years, but 125 years of M&S? 140 years of Sainsbury’s? 123 years of Hovis?

I’m assuming there’s something behind all this that I just haven’t been able to spot. Have the planners in the different agencies all had a meeting and agreed that a big chunk of nostalgia will promote a sense of trust and stability in these untrustworthy and unstable times? Is it all about shoring up a solid profile rather than thrusting ahead into a future unknown? Or, least believably, did three companies (I’m leaving Persil out of this; anyone’s allowed to celebrate a 100th anniversary) independently think that 123, 125 and 140 years of existence is a birthday worth celebrating all at the same time.?