2009: The Story So Far

I was on David Reviews the other day and he was suggesting that the Heinz ad that’s on there is one of the best of the year.

Which got me thinking…

There was a lot of speculation at the end of last year about whether the recession would produce work that was worse or better than before.

I’d say it’s exactly the same.

There’s a few very good ads:

(Although the similarity between this and the Geico campaign does reduce its brilliance somewhat)

And a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t seem to spring to mind just at the moment. Oh, hang on the J2O stuff is good, as was the Thinkbox ad. Cadbury’s Eyebrows seems to have been launched last year…The HSBC Rugby idents

Anything else?

Actually, maybe it’s better than last year (so far). Not that such an achievement would be anything to write home about.