As you can see in the post below, I had an odd D&AD because I had a list of the winners before it began.

I was told to blog it, but Jesus Christ, I have better things to do (of course I don’t).

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before, but Daryl and I (and several of our co-creatives, including the primary originators and main designers of the work, Mark Denton and Dave Dye; our old Lunar team who now work at DHM, Chris and Fran; typography and design guru Andy Dymock; copywriter extraordinaire Sean Doyle; some lovely creatives from Saatchis and, I think, Paul Silburn) were nominated tonight, and, having discovered that we didn’t win, I sat through some quite dull awards then relieved my babysitting mum.

Richard E. Grant died on his arse as compere, but you want to know the winners, don’t you?


I can’t be arsed to type them all out, but here’s a few:

Integrated pencils to Droga 5 for Millions and Lowe Bull for Wally’s Heart.

The Orange cinema ads got a writing pencil (yawn), as did this work of fucking genius:

(By the way, that’s why D&AD is A GOOD THING. It shows you how to take a generic brief and make a great ad out of it.)

Press: Wallace and Gromit campaign and Alka Seltzer.

Art direction: Alka Seltzer and Jeep campaign.

BBH got a pencil for the Break The Cycle website (nice one all involved, especially the gals at Sonny London and Jeff Labbe).

Posters: Wallace and Gromit campaign and Nova Radio Le Grand Mix.

TV: Skittles Pinata.

I love this:

Viral Writing: The Big Schlep:

TV Crafts: It’s Mine (Special Effects)

That’s it. If I didn’t put yours up, I didn’t care enough about your category.

No radio or ambient Pencils.


UPDATE: two Golds for Droga 5 for The Great Schlep and Millions (congrats to my old AD, Cam, who got at least one of those.) Another two Golds for other things that I’m not sure about, one of which was some coins that make up a coat of arms, or something, and another, which was a BMW thing with some lights , or something. Congrats to them.