Bananas And Creative Directors

The poll (results to the right) of the week was inspired by an anecdote I heard recently.

One night, before they were due to go on stage, Led Zeppelin were bored. To pass the time the drummer, legendary booze dustbin John Bonham, decided to see how many bananas he could eat. He managed 27, went on stage and passed out.

With that in mind, whoever of you believed they could manage 30, I will happily pay for those bananas if you let me watch.

Also, I think it would be kind of fun to have a competition along these lines. If anyone fancies having a go, drop me an email and we’ll make a time to eat bananas.

The other thing that you probably thought I’d forgotten about was that Creative Director of the Year thingie I posted a couple of weeks ago.

Well, there was a range of nominations that included Davidson/Papworth, Waites/Saville, Collins, Gill and Beattie (and one for ‘The Client’), but almost all the votes were cast for Jeremy Craigen and Dave Droga.

I did weight Dave’s slightly because this blog is UK-centric and I only know one person who actually works for him, but even so he did very well (there may also have been an element of the FHM 100 sexiest women factor at work: if a trashy cast member of Hollyoaks has done a ‘spread’ in the magazine just before the votes are cast then they will shoot up the rankings. Likewise, if a CD has just been responsible for two Black Pencils then that may be the advertising equivalent of the thumb hooked suggestively in the waistband of the g-string.)

So when I get around to it, that’s going to be the poll of the week: Jeremy or Dave. And don’t forget: you’re both winners. It’s just that one of you has to be deemed a little bit more of a winner than the other.