Something For The Weekend

Americans are fucking fat. Many Brits are fucking fat too, but Americans are fucking fat.

And explains why.

(Thanks for the tip, M.)

Have a good weekend. I’m going to see that Lars von Trier film, but maybe not till Monday.


PS: regarding the ‘death of creativity’ post below, someone asked what the solution was. Well, I don’t think there has to be a solution because there isn’t a problem. So what if advertising goes into a malaise that fails to produce or attract creativity? The creativity will still exist, just elsewhere. In my opinion, there aren’t enough properly good movies or TV shows, especially in this country. If some advertising creatives decided to leave the industry and improve that situation, I think that we’d have a big net gain. And I don’t think that many of the public would notice, let alone care, that the ads had got a bit worse.