A Few Things

First, I have had the glorious privilege of reading the sequel to e, called e2 (that’s supposed to be e squared but I have no idea how to do that on a keyboard).

For those of you who didn’t work in advertising ten years ago, e was/is a very funny novel set in an ad agency that was written entirely as emails between the characters. It took the piss brilliantly and I’m delighted to say that the tone continues in the second book where the principal characters now work at an agency called Meerkat360, which is just the kind of multimedia fuckwit factory you might imagine it to be.

Buy it soon and read it on the bog.

Next, we have the Radio One ads that were shelved because they looked too expensive for the BBC to put out in a recession.

There are only two on the link, but they don’t look that pricey to me. Or that good, really. Especially the King Arthur one. I’m not sure it’s possible to make someone look much more like a prick than Scott Mills looks in that ad, but if it can be done, I hope they’ve done it to Fearne Cotton.

Then there’s this amusing ad for Quilmes beer. Postmodern booze ads are nothing new, but I like the way they’ve created something you can enjoy that has 55 packshots and ten mentions of the brand.