A Lazy Blog Writer Writes That Someone Else Writes…

Reader Paul S. of Charlotte Street, London writes:

Saw your blog about the Dublin Castle

Slightly off topic but ever since we were in Minneapolis I’ve wondered why gig posters here are so shit when in the USA they are amazing works of art. We discovered these guys two blocks from Fallon’s office and used them for some projects.

They design gig posters for most of the venues in MInneapolis and then get paid by selling the posters at the gig and online. A similar thing happens in just about every city in the US where local designers make great posters.

Thanks for that. Good point, well made. I might go and ask the Dublin Castle why their posters are so shit whilst waving some Aesthetic Apparatus artwork in their faces.

On another point, the deceased dinner party guests poll was won by Jesus. Good for him. But did he really exist? I thought he was like the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy or something. Anyway, he’ll be the life and soul by turning everyone’s water into wine (here’s hoping it’s ’61 Petrus rather than the more appropriate Blue Nun).

I voted for Mo Mowlam. Fantastic lady.

New poll today.