Creative Outlet And A Blog That Is Unsurprisingly Much Better Than This One

Clive Pickering, creator of many an excellent ad is now the co-creator of an excellent ad-related award scheme.

The One Shot film festival is a competition to see who can make, yes, you’ve guessed it, the best ad that consists only of a single shot.

If you’ve already heard of it, you might not know that the deadline’s been extended to 31st October, they have a new website and they have now linked up with Madrid’s cult film festival, Cinemad, to become their guest festival (guestival?). Cinemad will screen the One Shots and may even present the awards.

So why not have a go? No clients, no budgets, no BACC, no end of fun.

Talking of fun, check out Alex Bogusky’s annoyingly brilliant blog. (Thanks for the tip, S.)

It’s miles better than this one, so why not erase ITIABTWC from your bookmarks bar right now and replace it with Alex’s good, good stuff.

You know it makes sense.