More Addicts

N, from Bristol, writes: ‘I was reading your blog about an ad addict & wondered if you’d seen these cartoons that are running in campaign? I think they’re pretty nifty, but no-one seems to have picked up on them yet. I just dragged the images off the campaign website, there are more on there if they interest you.’

Thanks, N.

I had actually noticed the ‘placement team in the lav’ one, but not the others. To be honest, I think of the diary page of Campaign as the final circle of hell where there will be nothing but pictures of morbidly obese management types in fancy dress, regurgitations of articles from the Home section of the Sunday Wank about how such-and-such Head of Planning has a really nice Aga in their country house and ‘water cooler’ conversations that make me wonder and worry about the sanity of Campaign’s staff. And let’s not even mention the routinely interchangeable pick and turkey of the week.

Anyhoo, yes, N, these cartoons are very good. Witty, perceptive and well-drawn. The artist, Jay Taylor, has a website. Enjoy. meanwhile, here are the cartoons:

PS: I love this ‘crowdsourcing’ of blog posts. Makes me feel great. Until I use the word ‘crowdsourcing’ and then I feel like a prize cunt.

PPS: I can’t get the pics to enlarge. Sorry. They’re just about readable but probably bigger on the website.