More Joy=(Ironically) Less Joy

Here’s the print to go with the TV from yesterday.

It claims that ‘on the back of this three letter word (joy) we built a company’. Did they? Really? Interesting, because their website tells us that in 1928 ‘BMW buys the Eisenach automobile plant, where the Austin Seven was successfully produced under the name “Dixi 3/15 PS”. This vehicle is developed further, going on sale in 1929 as the BMW 3/15 PS DA 2 with a range of different bodyshells. A small car with a lot of appeal, its popularity helps the company to survive the lean years of the Depression.’ Well, I guess they were just trying to cheer people up. It was a depression after all.

It goes on to say that ‘we are the creators of emotion’. Wankers.

‘We are the guardians of ecstasy, the thrills and chills, the laughs and smiles’. Ditto.

‘No car company can rival our history, replicate our passion, our vision.’ Does this remind anyone else of the work of Arthur Kade?

‘We will make Joy smarter. We will push it, beat it break it.’ That sounds rather joyless to me, and it appears to have been written by an American, unless they really want to improve the formal appearance of ‘Joy’.

‘We will promise one thing: the most personal, cherished and human of all emotions.’ Look, you fucking idiots, that’s love, not joy.

Please, just to make my weekend a little more joyful, could the writer please stick his/her fingers into a waste disposal unit so they can’t type out any more of this ridiculous drivel.