Bring On The Very Odd Ad Awards

I’m just back from the Campaign BIG Awards.

Too much of little interest to report, but you might like to know that this was the best TV ad of the year (it also won the Paul Arden award, which rather surreally came with £1000 of book tokens, like the winners won their school sports day or something):

In its category, and overall, it beat this:

Which would you rather have done?

No need to comment, it’s the subject of this week’s poll.

By the way, for what it’s worth, I can’t understand why anyone would think BOTT was any good. It just seems to be hatstand for hatstand’s sake and has been ignored (as far as I recall) by pretty much every other award scheme. Are any of the jury members reading this? Was it a unanimous decision or a contentious one?

(Last week’s poll was interesting, wasn’t it?)