I Just Regurgitate Stuff For Friends (And Random Senior Account Managers)

If you’re at a loose end on Wednesday, why not get yourself down to the Newburgh Street area (it’s that cobbled street parallel to Carnaby St with the White Horse on it)?

If you do, you can take part in this:

Newburgh street advertising agency Dye Holloway Murray are embracing the Autumn weather by organising the first Newburgh Quarter Conker Championship. The event is open to anyone who would like to play this quintessentially British game. To get involved grab a conker and pop down to Newburgh Street at 1pm on Wednesday 14th of October. There will be rosettes for the winners, cider for the losers and certificates for every competitor.

Anyone else who wants a mention on ITIABTWC (Missing cat? Want to sell a pair of trainers but can’t work Ebay?) feel free to email me.