Le Crispy, Le Tasty, Le Crunch.

I was thinking about my first-ever ad the other day, then I realised that it’s just possible that some of you might recall it.

It was for Le Crunch apples and featured some schoolkids wittering on about the fruit in a faux-sophisticated way (‘They tempt the senses like a concerto of sunbeams’. How the fuck did I ever get that past a client? Or my CD for that matter). The last lines were, ‘Ah, no rest for the wicked. What have you got?’ ‘Colouring in.’

Although I wouldn’t say it was that memorable per se (no one’s put it up on YouTube and for obvious reasons I didn’t keep a copy), it ran for three years, usually in the mornings from about 1997-1999.

Do you remember it? If so, would you like to tell me how shit you thought it was and how it nearly put you off going into ‘the business’ altogether?

And on that subject, would you like to confess to making any shitty ads in your past, perhaps providing YouTube links by which we can judge you?

Go on…it’ll be cathartic.

I promise.