My Novel

For various reasons I’ve been putting off writing this post. Actually, on reflection, I’m not really sure exactly what I’ve been waiting for, but today feels like the day to put it out there (it’s my ninth wedding anniversary. I wonder if that’s got anything to do with it).

I’ve written a novel called Instinct. It’s a technothriller in the style of Michael Crichton and it’s scheduled to be published next July by Penguin (you can Google my name and the book’s title for bits of background info). It’s also been sold to Germany for 2011 and Russia are also due to publish it.

There are two reasons for me to blog about it:

1. I’m looking for any help/suggestions/tips on the best way to spread the word and market the darn thing over the next eight months. I have a bunch of leads and offers of assistance so far but I believe that too much advice is far better than not enough. If you fancy doing something with a really lovely client (me) and little-to-no money, email me at and I’ll try to make sense of any suggestions.

2. I’m aware that there are more than a few people out there with their own novels in the pipeline. If you are one of those people and would like me to relate my experiences to you, again feel free to get in touch. I’m not suggesting for a minute that I know how to get your book published, but I’ve managed to progress mine to a degree, so if you’d like to know how that happened, drop me a line.

Over the coming months I may blog a little more in the direction of books and publishing, especially about the process of getting me/the book ‘out there’ (that’s the main reason I’ve just joined Twitter).

Who knows, it might even be more interesting than guffing on about advertising.