The Labour Poster Has Disappeared Because It Was The Wrong Colour

When I get a correct one I’ll stick it up

UPDATE: here’s a link to it.

And here’s the original post:

Here’s a new poster for Labour that perfectly does the first essential thing any political ad must do: be newsworthy (although they might well be ignored by all of Murdoch’s papers):

Beyond that I have mixed feelings because I can’t help thinking that all of today’s visible politicians appear to be craven, opportunistic little shitwipes.

And don’t get me started on the oily heap of unpleasantness that is Peter Mandelson. How many chances does a man get to be a corrupt little cunt before he’s not allowed back into high office? The man’s such an unprincipled bloody wanker that he’d work for the Tories if Labour lost the next election.

Anyway, that aside, George Osborne is just as bad. Didn’t he hang around with Mandelson and that Russian oligarch on that yacht?

And the fucking expenses scandal….Fuck off the lot of you. Really, just fuck off.

Can someone make up a version of this poster that features every expense-fiddling politician in the country?

OK…OK… Count to ten…and breathe…Think calm thoughts…