Two Plugs, Both Involving Hives

The peerless Social Media Guru and All-Round Good Egg Alan Wolk has brought us The Hive Awards:

‘The Hive Awards started as a pipe dream, about a year ago, when I was looking at web award shows and realized that none of them rewarded things like user experience, content strategy or even coding. At least not on any significant level. What’s more, the awards that were being given out seemed to go to big, high profile sites in glamor industries. Which is not to say that those sites weren’t deserving, just that they didn’t seem to reward all the people working in the trenches, what I called the unsung heroes of the internet.’

God, something that encourages people to make the Web better in ways that might actually make a real, practical difference. Thank you. At effing last.

We all spend hours on the interweb, so l think a bit of support for anything that improves that experience has to be A GOOD THING. Enter today if your work’s eligible.

The second plug is for my Facebook group that I’m going to use to expand my novel online (join today!). There you can see the cover art along with the strapline, which is wrong, but they had to put something on for now. For some reason my publisher thinks I ought to be able to come up with a better strapline. So far he’s wrong.

I’m kind of feeling my way in the dark at the mo, so any suggestions for any improvements will be most welcome.