Five Years Of Free D&AD Annuals

Available here.

Sorry if the title of this post gave you the impression that there was actually a way of getting five paper, book-type annuals.

Actually, that would be an interesting piece of research: if you were misled by the title of this post were you disappointed that I wasn’t actually offering free annuals?

If most of you were then that would suggest that D&AD shouldn’t go and make the annual online only. There’s something solid and authoritative about a big old book. Theoretically appropriate.

Last week’s poll suggested that 54% of you would prefer to be shit and rich than good and poor. That was quite close. I was hoping that the question would settle once and for all the age-old question that informs so many of the significant decisions we make in our lives. Unfortunately it wasn’t like that. The answer was vague and inconclusive. I think that says a lot. I once did Robert McKee’s screenwriting seminar (it was very good if you’re thinking of going) and he said human beings are 50% good and 50% bad, because otherwise one side would have won over the other by now. Interesting. Maybe he’s right.

New poll in a minute or two (when I’ve thought of a question).

Ah, and here’s Mashables’ ten best virals of the year. About half of them reached me during their campaigns.