Last Week’s Poll

Best ad of the year…

Drench Hamsters 28%
Other 26%
Philips Carousel 20%
Barnados 15%
Coke 8%

203 voters is quite a decent turnout, so maybe, just maybe, we can say that this poll is somewhat representative of the general opinion out there (although I do realise this blog is read mostly by creatives).

That means that Drench is definitely the champion, so let’s see if it repeats that assessment at the awards.

We don’t know who was second because ‘other’ put up quite a strong show. I’d guess that ‘other’ was one of the following: Eyebrows, Bring On The Trumpets (I’m pretty sure these two were technically last year’s), Canal +, T-Mobile, Virgin Atlantic, The Meerkat, Cadbury’s spinning head man. Were any of those overwhelmingly the ‘other’ choice? Dunno, but somehow I doubt it (if you voted ‘other’ could you say what you voted for in the comments section?).

If we remove the foreigners (Canal+ and Carousel) from that list I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that it hasn’t really been a classic year for the UK (here’s Campaign’s top ten).

I like all the British choices except Bring on the Trumpets, which I think is utter, utter shite, but how many of them are true originals that point the way forwards? Cadbury’s probably fits this description best, but it seems to play by a slightly different set of rules (long form promo etc.), so may get judged down for that.

Will we have another year with no UK ads winning a TV D&AD Pencil?

Do you think it’s been a good year? Better than last year (which wasn’t very good)?

Answers, and comments about how I’m a twat for not liking BOTT, in the usual place.