Black Pencils Of The Decade

D&AD has kindly put them all up in one handy page.

This might be a wonderful, timely opportunity to take a closer look at them.

In general, of course, they are (almost) all heartbreaking works of staggering genius, but which one is best?

I’m going to discount bullshit like the Millau Viaduct and The Millennium Wheel because, staggering though they both are, they shouldn’t be allowed in this competition. It’s a bit like Mike Tyson turning up at your local boxing club competition because he’s just moved into the area. Yes, it’s technically within the rules, but it’s buildings v press ads. Not fair.

So let’s choose the best in various categories:

Product: iPod
Print ad: Britart, with National Gallery a close second.
Craft: Gondry for Star Guitar
TV ad: Grrr
Other: Millions

And I’d say the best of all that has to be the iPod, which, in its various forms and evolutions has positively affected many lives, many times a day.

Which do you think is best?

There’s only one way to find out!

Fight!…I mean I feel a poll coming on.

(By the way, seeing them in a list like that makes it even more obvious what a stinking toilet of a Gold Pencil the ‘War Orphans’ illustration was. What a crock of shit. Also a bit meh were the Royal Mint coin designs and Uniqlock (been on that site a dozen times trying to see what all the fuss is about).)

UPDATE: in last week’s poll most of you wanted to be Ashley Cole. I’ll assume that this has something to do with being married to Cheryl rather than a desire to actually be one of the biggest wankers on Earth. Next was Michael Bay. I imagine he has quite a fun life, but the hatred and ridicule might eat him up inside when he gets home. Next was Cheryl Cole. Sounds like a good idea. New poll up now.

SECOND UPDATE: if you’re looking for a young team, check out Ben and Andy. They’re worth a punt.