Creative Team Move Throws Up A Few Questions

Ben and Matt have left Wiedens for BMB.

Interesting. I won’t speculate on the reasons why, but they had been at W&K for a while and BMB is definitely in the ascendency. Draw your own conclusions.

But what I want to know is this:

1: They are described as a ‘star team’. I think they are about the closest London has to one at the moment. Can you think of others? In my day (mid-late nineties), you couldn’t move for Star Teams: Steve and Vic, John and Nick, Tom and Walt, Richard and Andy etc. It was first names only and they were genuinely really fucking good year-in, year-out, whatever the medium. Who does that describe these days? Some are ‘up there’ but beyond the Juan Cabral of a couple of years back, are there any stars in the current firmament?

2: Is it difficult to look up whether a team actually did an ad? These guys didn’t do Grrr.

3: This always happens in January. Why? I think you get a bit of negotiation stuff at the end of the previous year then no one wants to announce in December because everyone’s on holiday. Also, budgets may be renewed when the year begins, freeing up a bunch of cash for new signings.

Anyhoo, it’s nice to see a bit of love and status for the maligned and marginalised creatives of the world.

Anyone else fancy moving to keep up the momentum?