Interesting Graph

I was reading this article about how the UK ad industry has taken its biggest employment hit since 1991, when I noticed something odd.

The UK appears to have had the same number of people working in the industry in 1966 as it did last year, yet in between those two points the population grew by about 20%.

So we either had a very wasteful industry in the sixties where enormous numbers of people were employed to do very little, or we don’t have enough right now.

This would link back to my post from earlier in the week where I wittered on about people being overworked for no increase in their wages. I’m not saying that the sixties weren’t wasteful – I can just imagine the amount of actually productivity that happened through a fug of pipe smoke and brandy fumes – just that today it seems as if each employee is being worked much, much harder.

Lucky the job’s so gosh-darned fun, eh?