Somethings For The Weekend

Avatar Retardation.

Which leads me nicely into this:


But then maybe it’s not so bad.

One of the most excellent things I have ever seen (there’s a full 70 minutes of it. Thanks, K.):

Some beautiful genius I found on the Escape Pod blog:

Explosions and Boobs (thanks, P.)

Some of you wanted to know more about the website of the guy who ‘got out’ of advertising. Well, here it is. Please try to break the record for the ‘Fastest Symmetrical Fill Of A Connect Four Board By Two People With One Eye Closed Using Their Non-Dominant Hands‘.

Finally, this is a nice ad that I think is a bit old. You can spice it up by imagining the picture of the cat as Bring on the Trumpets, the crying people as most of the UK advertising community, and the guy in the red T-shirt as me: