I Was Sent This Yesterday


I’m helping organize the HAITI POSTER PROJECT, a collaboration of artists and designers from around the world raising money for victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

In 2005, we organized the Hurricane Poster Project. The effort raised $50,000 for victims of the hurricane. Exhibitions of the show appeared around the country and in Europe. Additionally, many of the posters are now in permanent collections of several major museums, including the Library of Congress and the Louvre.

We are doing it again.This time, we are teaming up with Josh Higgins, the organizer of the 2007 So-Cal Fire Poster Project, to raise money for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. All money raised will be donated to Doctor’s Without Borders.

If possible, I’d love for If This Is a Blog Then What’s Christmas? to help spread the word and do a piece on the project.

I have attached a PDF of the details. Additionally, you can find information at thehaitiposterproject.com.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me or the head of the project (Leif Steiner.)
Leif Steiner

On behalf of Moxie Sozo and The Haiti Poster Project, thank you in advance.


I hope it interests you.