The Star Wars Reviewing Guy Has Done Avatar!

Ok, just hang on a second. Before you jump right in, you have to remember that he’s only got the Avatar trailer footage to work with and it’s only a two-parter, so it’s not quite as good as the Phantom Menace annihilation. But it still better than 99.9999999999999999999999% of what’s on YouTube or TV. And it appears he’s in the midst of an Attack of the Clones review. Thank Darwin for people like him.

(Thanks, K.)

By the way, I finally got round to watching the first episode of The Persuasionists. I feel a bit sorry for the writer. I don’t think the gags were that bad, but the whole thing is played so hard for laughs that it kind of reeks of an unpleasant desperation. The acting and direction are terrible so the lines don’t stand a chance. I hope it gets better but I’ll probably never find out because I’ve got better things to do. Like eat some bird shit off an old bit of grating above Paddington Station.