Would You Get You To Do Your Advertising?

Golly, I’m really enjoying this week on the blog. Loads of good comments and a thorough debate of the issues that will end up making the usual difference (fuck all).

But never mind. There’s still much fun to be had gazing at our respective navels while the other people at the agency slide a glass-encrusted baseball bat up the anus of creativity for good.

Off the back of a few of the comments, I did start to wonder just how good creative departments really are.

Do we have dozens of sleeping giants kept down by the general malaise that is currently choking the industry?

Or do we have, as it appears on the surface, more of the um…less giant people who wouldn’t know how to execute Surfer or Balls even if you handed them the finished script?

Do the conditions make the geniuses or vice versa?

And on that point, how good do you think you are?

Try this simple test:

You are the marketing wonk at Charlie’s Chocolates. You have an ad to make and half a million to production to make it. What do you do?

Let’s leave aside the logistical difficulties of doing two jobs at once and ask: would you make your own ad, or would you farm it out to someone else? If so, whom?

Do you think Trevor Beattie is a populist genius who will really make your brand famous? Do you think a smattering of Silburn would give you a John West Bear or ”Ave it’? Perhaps you would like an ad with a glossy fashion vibe that you’d love Tiger to produce?

So (and remember, no pedantic comments about the practicalities): you or A.N. Other?

(If you’re not a creative you might still fancy yourself to do the business, but if you don’t, feel free to nominate someone to do it for you.)

(Oh, and go and see Dave Trott speak.)