Job Envy

One of the more interesting aspects of working in advertising is the frequent contact you have with other people who do the different jobs that make the industry go round.

And how often do those jobs seem less stressful and more appealing than your own?

I’ve regularly found myself in an edit or sound session wishing I was the guy at the desk. You can still pursue excellence but you don’t have to originate the project yourself and the working environment seems cosy and pleasant.

And what about the director? That job appeals to me much less. Again, you don’t have to originate the ad, but overall it looks like a bit of a bugger and the treatment process seems to require such an annoying and large degree of supplication that I’d want to shoot myself on a daily basis. I mean, going cap in hand to Mike and Rich from some wankhole agency in Shoreditch for the chance to shoot some FMCG shitpile? No, ta.

And while we’re on the subject of jobs I encounter but would not want to do, account management and planning can fuck right off too. Particularly the first one. I’d rather eat fibre glass candy floss than clean a client’s alimentary canal with my tongue then get shouted at by Mike and Rich for failing to sell in their choice of director.

Client? Yes, the bit I see looks like fun, but I’d imagine there are many other aspects of the job that would make me want to commit suicide, including working in Slough.

But with the five minutes’ thought I’ve given this quandary, I think I’d like the job of the guy at The Mill or MPC who shows you to your grading suite. He always seems so happy, whoever he is. Either they pump him full of incredible Class As or he genuinely likes meeting, greeting and shifting bookings around.

Any jobs in your sphere that you envy?

UPDATE: my wife tells me that these people who meet and greet at posthouses are actually the job’s producers, so they do loads of other maths and shit. I’m still tempted though.